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IV Therapy: Myers Cocktail

Our Myers Cocktail formula is one of our most popular infusions. The IV cocktail includes nutrients and vitamins that offer several types of assistance to the body for overall balance and support. Whether this is used as is or as part of a base formula to create your own customized solution for IV therapy, it will provide relief from inflammation, fatigue and stress, muscle aches and pains, and more.

It works by approaching the body at the cellular level to help restore nutrients and help busy people give their bodies the balance that it needs. We live in a busy world and people don’t always have time to indulge in healthy habits, but our IV therapy can pick up the slack and help balance crucial nutrients and vitamins in the body to provide several different benefits for your health and wellbeing. 

Our Myers Cocktail can be used on its own or combined with other IV therapies to create the ideal results for your specific health situation. Contact us to get started, or read on to learn more about the benefits of this IV therapy and what it can do for you. 

Why IV Therapy?

Many people consider taking oral supplements as a way to improve their overall health and wellbeing. However, that’s not always the most effective choice. The issue is that the body’s natural digestive process gets rid of many nutrients before they even have a chance to be absorbed. In fact, only 8-10% of the vitamins and nutrients that you consume are even absorbed into the body. 

With IV therapy, our Myers Cocktail is infused directly into your bloodstream, helping to offer 100% absorption with a variety of health benefits and near-instant results. You aren’t going to maximize your health by taking more oral supplements—your absorption rate will remain the same. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on vitamins and supplements, trying to find the most potent formulas, not realizing that their bodily absorption rate doesn’t change and that they should actually be looking for a different solution. 

When you choose the Myers Cocktail IV, you will get a lot more health benefits in a single treatment and ensure that your body actually gets the nutrients and vitamins in the first place. It takes less than an hour and all of the infusions include water-soluble nutrients that will give your body the perfect balance, no matter what you might be missing. Alone or combined with any of our other therapies, it can deliver everything that you need. 

Let’s look at the specific benefits of the minerals and vitamins in the Myers Cocktail. 

Calcium and Magnesium

Several bodily functions rely on proper levels of calcium and magnesium for proper functioning. The body has more than 300 reactions and systems that need magnesium and although it’s found in several foods, it doesn’t always absorb as it should. This mineral provides support for bone health and muscle function, immune support, blood pressure regulation, energy production, and more. It can even help regulate blood sugar and improve depression symptoms. 

Many conditions are indicated by a magnesium deficiency, as well, including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and even osteoporosis. Fatigue and muscle cramping are common symptoms of magnesium deficiency, which is often seen in athletes and requires immediate intervention for improved performance. 

Calcium, as many know, is critical for bone health. It also supports heart health and can help reduce the symptoms of many muscular conditions. Those who have high potassium levels will also benefit from adding calcium because it can balance them out. Between the two of these nutrients, you’re gaining a lot of health support with the Myers Cocktail IV therapy. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most well-known vitamins that the body uses for several functions. Most notably, it provides proper immune support. It can also assist with muscle, bone, and circulatory health and combat free radicals in the body. It has even been suggested that large quantities of this vitamin can slow the body’s reactions that are known to lead to cancer cell formation. 

Vitamin C reduces stretch marks, can improve wound healing, and provides several anti-aging benefits in addition to all of the other things that it can do for the body. Having the right levels can make all the difference in many areas of your wellbeing. 

B Vitamins

The complex of B vitamins in the Myers Cocktail is designed to provide energy support, immune health support, and anti-aging assistance. B vitamins can also provide support for cardiovascular health and other areas. Primarily, in this formula, B12 helps restore the body’s natural energy balance to assist with better focus and concentration, as well as less fatigue. 

The rest of the B vitamin complex can also offer its own health support, of course. You will find that the combination of this and vitamin C, along with calcium and magnesium, will restore your body’s balance and give you the chance to get more out of your health at the cellular level. 

Considering the Myers Cocktail? 

If you think that IV therapy like our Myers Cocktail or any of the other solutions that we provide will deliver the health support that you’ve been looking for, contact us today to discuss your situation. We’ll be able to look at your health concerns and the things you are trying to resolve and recommend the best choice. This IV therapy is ideal for all kinds of health improvements, but we offer a host of other options, as well. You can even have us customize an IV therapy that addresses your unique health needs.

Our team of specialists has been working with IV infusion therapies for a long time and we know what it takes to help you get the results that you desire. Whether it’s the Myers Cocktail or another one of our solutions, we can get you started right away and give your body the balance it needs to stay healthy and energized in today’s fast-paced world. Contact us now to learn more. 

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